Currently... April!

Well, friends, it's April! And I'm ready! Not only because April means Spring Break, but also because it's that magical time of year when the weather is beautiful and the kids are making so many connections between the things we've been learning all year!

Listening: I have no idea what to watch on Netflix anymore. I feel like I've gone through everything, so now I'm starting over, re-watching the classics. Any recommendations?

Loving: It's finally my turn! I've been so envious of everyone else's Spring Break, and mine is (finally!) here at 3:15 tomorrow! I'll be staying close to home, traveling to Santa Cruz for a long weekend, but then having a staycation here in San Francisco.

Thinking: Mmmm chocolate chip cookies. I've been seriously craving a batch of these. And there will be plenty of time to make them next week! :) What are your favorite desserts?

Wanting: It has been a while since my last shopping trip. I was getting shipments from Stitch Fix for a few months, but then decided to postpone until the weather/season changed. I'm definitely ready for some new pieces to brighten my wardrobe. I tend to wear only navy, gray, and black during the winter.

Needing: It's no secret that this is a difficult time of year for most teachers. There are so many things left to do, and with time ticking away, it feels like we'll never meet our yearly goals. But there's still almost three months of school (for us, anyway), so I will try to enjoy the small victories every chance I get.

My blog name: Originally, I wanted to include travel in my blog name somehow. Especially while living abroad, travel was such an important piece of my life. But eventually I decided on One Lucky Teacher because it was more of a "big picture" kind of name. I really do feel lucky in so many ways... Lucky to be in a career I love... Lucky to live in an incredible city... Lucky to have wonderful friends and family... Lucky to be able to enjoy life in general. I want to remember that even though I've worked incredibly hard for what I have, there has also been an element of luck. I'm so grateful to do what I do and live the life I have.


  1. I just made some chocolate chip cookies tonight! That's what spring break is for, right?! Good luck with the rest of the school year!
    Always Kindergarten

  2. Chocolate chip cookies sound delicious and they can help bring around positive, happy thoughts as you make it all fit in before the end of your year.