Great Books for Teachers and Students...Especially Boys!

I don't know about your students, but I feel like the boys in my class need their own special section in our classroom library. After all, they wouldn't even THINK about reading a book with a girl on the cover. Would I love for them to be more open minded about their books choices? Sure! Have I talked to them about trying different authors, genres, and encouraged them to meet new characters? Absolutely. So, this year, desperately in search of boy-approved books (that didn't completely gross me out), I put together leveled books lists that I will be using for years to come! Not to mention, this doc is quite handy to provide during parent-teacher conferences. I even presented it to a few of my students as a special list from me to them... since I knew how important reading and finding great books is to them. ;)
Click on the picture for a book list freebie!
What about you? How do you make sure boys have access to (and read) a variety of books? Do you keep track of class favorites? What types of books do you stock your classroom library with? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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