Great Holiday Books to Read Aloud

One of my favorite opportunities to connect with my kiddos in the classroom is by reading great books to them. I always try to choose books that will reach students on different levels, both academically and emotionally. Read alouds give me a chance to show students how much I love to read... The weaker readers have a chance to enjoy a book they can't read themselves... The stronger readers have a chance to think more deeply about a book as I guide them. They all get to enjoy a text being read with accuracy and expression. But there's something even more magical that happens with these read alouds during the months of November and December. This time of year is already filled with excitement for students, and I love to select wonderfully illustrated books with powerful messages of friendship, triumph, humor, and just a little bit of magic. ;)

Here are a few of my favorites that any elementary-age student will enjoy:





What are your favorite winter books?

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