Kindness in the Classroom

Kindness. It is one of the basic necessities of our classroom community. If our students feel safe and valued, they're able to focus on learning, develop friendships, and enjoy school! I made it my mission last year to implement some new procedures and expectations, and now that the year is over, I can reflect on the huge amount of growth my students made. I'm really excited to continue many of these traditions next year (which I will post more about later), and try new things as well. What I've learned is this: It's important that I don't take for granted that my students know how to treat each other with kindness. I must TEACH students how to talk to each other, how to respond with kindness, and even how to use vocabulary to convey exactly what we want to say (this also aligns nicely with Common Core Language standards for shades of meaning). As I continue to develop meaningful tools for my students, I wanted to share one of the resources I created and used last year. My students loved it and I hope yours will too!