Why Le Tote is Better Than Stitch Fix

Last year I discovered Stitch Fix (along with thousands of other teachers!) and in the beginning I thought it could be a great way to try some new styles I wouldn't normally attempt. I subscribed to the service and received five "fixes" over the course of many months before calling it quits. Overall, it's a great idea. But the frustrations seem to far outweigh the benefits. No matter how many times I told my Stitch Fix stylist the kinds of clothes I wanted to receive, it never really happened.

I tried creating a Pinterest board to show her what I liked, but nothing resembling that style would appear in my next shipment.

I would specifically tell her what not to send ("No neon patterns, please!"), but somehow that's exactly what I would receive the next time.

Eventually, I gave up and cancelled my subscription. That's when I stumbled upon Le Tote. It makes so much more sense to create an online closet with clothes they will actually send you! As in, you choose what you want to receive! Then you get to keep the clothes--and WEAR them!--for as long as you'd like before sending back whatever you don't want to purchase. Which means you could wear something new almost every day if you wanted to! How great is that?

Here's a handy dandy comparison sheet:

What do you think? Have you had success with Stitch Fix? Have you tried Le Tote?
If you're interested, please feel free to use this code on the Le Tote website to get started! :)

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