Summer Read: Me Talk Pretty One Day

I realize this book has been out for many years, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I just read it. That said, I should have read it years ago, because it is one of the funniest books ever written. That is a high compliment coming from me, since I rarely read books in the "Humor and Entertainment" category. (Or else it's not a compliment, since I rarely read books in the "Humor and Entertainment" category.)

I was hooked from the beginning, when Sedaris details his childhood experience with speech therapy and the elaborate lengths he went to while avoiding the letter s... including anything in the plural form, or reading about the adventures of seals or settlers named Sassy or Samuel.

Actually, my real motivation for reading Me Talk Pretty One Day is because I knew Sedaris had written about his move to France, and I wanted to hear those stories most. Even if you've never lived as an expat, I think you will find this section of the book hilarious. As someone who has experienced the pains of living abroad and learning a second language, I was laughing out loud continuously for several chapters. (Don't you love to laugh out loud while reading?!) I also love that Sedaris moves to France and chooses to learn the least helpful words and phrases possible, simply because he likes the sound of them. I completely empathize with sounding like an angry child due to lack of vocabulary, and admire the way he persisted despite his French teacher making fun of him at every opportunity. I think I would've just given up, gone to the café, and eaten a dozen pastries.

If you haven't read this book yet, you should do so immediately!

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