Fig Season!

Not too long ago, I had no idea what a fig was. Since they’re only in season a few months out of the year, I never really paid attention to them. Then one day, my boss brought in a giant bowl of figs from the Ficus trees in her backyard, and begged me to take some. I looked at the strange fruit, unsure how to eat it or what it would taste like, but picked up a few anyway and took them back to my classroom. They sat on the edge of my desk until after lunch, when I decided to try them. WHAT HAD I BEEN WAITING FOR?!! These things were delicious!! I couldn’t believe this mysterious little fruit had been hiding from me for my entire life. Not long after I finished them, I tiptoed back to my boss’s office and grabbed a few more from the bowl, my hands still sticky from the first two. It might sound like I’m exaggerating when I say that I practically count down the days from the end of fig season until the beginning of the next one, but it’s (almost) true. If you have never experienced the joy of eating a fig, please do so immediately. If you already know the joy of figs, this little post serves as a gentle reminder that the clock is ticking on fig season. And remember, after you bring them home they only stay fresh for a few days... but who could keep them around for that long??

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